"Karate" The word doesn’t mean to intimidate, but to most it does!

Kaigan Kan Coffs looks to break that down, we offer a fun non intimidating environment to learn.

We cater for all ages and abilities and have a large range of classes to accommodate most people's busy life styles.

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Hanshi Bill Young

In 1972 Bill Young began his karate training at the age of 18 in his hometown of Gloucester, NSW with Shihan Ron Vale at the Eastern Martial Arts Association.

After seven years he made the move to Coffs Harbour and began teaching locally through the Kaigan-Kan Karate-Do (karate by the sea) club. Here Bill graded his first black belts, including training his now wife Natalie, who was awarded the rank of Go Dan (5th Dan) in 2018. Natalie competed in the ISKA US OPEN, Orlando Florida, winning three world titles.

Leaving Coffs in 1996, Bill taught karate across various regional NSW locations and was awarded the rank of Hanshi (8th Dan) in 2016, the ISKA Senior Instructor of the year 2006, ISKA Referee of the Year 2008, the ISKA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009 and is a level five ISKA tournament Judge/Referee. In 2003 Bill became director of World Martial Arts Alliance Australia.

Bill has over 40 years experience teaching Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate, and has studied various other styles to strengthen his teachings. Specifically being Close Quarter Combat, Kempo, Akido, Nippon Budokai, Kendo, Wushu Kung Fu, Okinawa Ryukyu Kobudo, and Kenjutsu (traditional sword



After more than 25 years the Kaigan-Kan Karate-Do martial arts school has re-opened under the direction of the acclaimed Hanshi Bill Young.

The full-time Dojo is run by accredited WMAA instructor, Mr Ron Abela, and offers a positive and safe environment for training and learning Martial Arts.

Students at the Kaigan-Kan Karate-Do school are offered an avenue for shared learning through a blend of traditional and modern martial arts. Specifically, Kaigan-Kan will provide training in traditional Shotokan forms, self-defense and a separate weapons training night.

Most importantly, Kaigan-Kan Karate-Do school focuses on the development of body, mind, and spirit and encourage respect, honesty and group learning.

The full time premises are located at 12 Keona Circuit, Coffs Harbour.



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Main Pavilion  (1st Pavilion passed the office on left)
Coffs Harbour Showground
123 Pacific Highway
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

TEL:Todd Nicholls 4th Dan  0417 206 049

Ron Abela 3rd Dan  0409 113 900

Monday and Wednesday 6-8pmTraining ages 12 and above.